Human Design Business Reading

Learn how to leverage your unique human design to build a more successful business and show up as your best, most authentic self.

Human design can really help your business

Understanding your human design can be crucial to your business’s success. Many new entrepreneurs fall into the same traps–treating their business like the 9 to 5, overworking, dealing with overwhelm, not knowing how to get out there and be seen, and focusing on the wrong things. As discussed in the human design foundation reading your type, strategy, authority, and profile help answer what, when, why, and how of your most aligned next action. 


This especially applies to your business! You will make a lot of business decisions every day and understanding how to make the best decisions based on your design that leverage your own inner knowing will be crucial to your success. In a human design business reading, we start with these keys and apply them to your business. 


Did you know your type has strategies for building wealth? We’ll talk about these as well.


Business can really pull us away from our authenticity

In human design, conditioning is anything that pulls us from our authentic core self. Business is an area where we especially experience conditioning. There are a lot of expectations for us around how we show up, who we are, and how we do things. This can create new struggles for business owners as they try to lean into their authentic selves. In the human design business reading, we’ll talk about the areas of your chart where you’ve most likely to struggle and some things you can do to stay true to your core.


Marketing and PR can be difficult for some

Our design impacts how we show up and are seen by the world. In marketing our business, it’s often important to be seen by others which you may find uncomfortable. In this reading, we’ll also visit the best ways for you to really lean into being seen and heard as you market and promote your business.

Self-Investment: $297

Discover. Embody. Align

With your unique truth with human design. Your human design business reading includes:

Human design bodygraph by Genetic Matrix

Your human design chart

You will receive your human design bodygraph chart. This chart shows your energetic blueprint.

Cassette tape with clear body and tape pulled out the top

60-minute Zoom session

You will receive a 60-minute session with me via Zoom. We’ll talk about aspects of your design that impact running your soul-based business.

Chalkboard drawing of a person's head with lines coming from the mouth for speech

Session recording

Your session will be recorded so that you can review it as needed.

Row of mailboxes, one with it's red letter flag raised

30-days of email support

For 30 days from your reading, you will receive email support related to your reading. If you have a question, email me and get a reply the next business day.

My HD reading from Julian was so accurate! I'm so excited to start implementing the information.

– Jill

Self-Investment: $297