Human Design Foundation Reading

Learn about the 3 keys of your human design that help you answer the what, when, how, and why of choosing aligned actions

A human design foundation reading will help you understand the 3 key components of your human design. On the human design intro page, you learned that human design is a system that uses astrology, kabbalah, the I-ching, and the chakras to understand the energetic blueprint for your form–the vessel that carries your spirit in this incarnation and your interface to the quantum field.

Human design helps you live as your best, most authentic self, align your actions with divine timing, understand your personal story and the limits it creates and gets you out of your head so that you can connect to your own inner knowing.

Answers 4 critical questions

You create your own reality in the present moment through your actions, thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. A human design foundation reading gives you an understanding of the core principles of your design to answer these critical questions in the present moment:


What is the action I should take in this present moment? What action will attract the right opportunities and experiences to me?


Is now the right time for that action? Is there a better time? Am I aligned with Divine timing on this?


Why is this the right thing for me to do? Why am I pursuing this course of action?


How will I do this? Will I work on my own or with others?

Covers the 3 key elements of your design

The 3 key elements of your design give you powerful tools for answering those questions. A foundation reading covers:

Type/Strategy Your human design energy type and strategy help address the what. Knowing your type and following your strategy gives you powerful tools to know what you need and want to do.

Authority Your authority answers the when. It reveals tools for making good decisions for yourself. Your authority will teach you whether to be spontaneous or if you should take your time deciding.

Profile Your profile teaches you the how and why. Through your profile you’ll understand more about the lessons you’ve chosen to learn in this incarnation. Are you meant to learn personal lessons or are you meant to explore relationships and connections with others?

Self-Investment: $97

Discover. Embody. Align

With your unique truth with human design. Your human design foundation reading includes:

Human design bodygraph by Genetic Matrix

Your human design chart

You will receive your human design bodygraph chart. This chart shows your energetic blueprint.

Cassette tape with clear body and tape pulled out the top

30-minute Zoom session

You will receive a 30-minute session with me via Zoom in which I’ll walk you through your type/strategy, authority, and profile. 

Chalkboard drawing of a person's head with lines coming from the mouth for speech

Session recording

Your session will be recorded so that you can review it as needed.

Row of mailboxes, one with it's red letter flag raised

30-days of email support

For 30 days from your reading, you will receive email support related to your type/strategy, authority, and profile. If you have a question, email me and get a reply the next business day.

I had the most amazing Human Design reading with Julian that explained me! I understand how I tick and explained more why I am the way I am. Please, if you’re looking for understanding yourself more or need an amazing life coach, please reach out to him.

– Kimberlee

Self-Investment: $97