Human Design Life Purpose Reading

Learn how your human design affects your life purpose. This reading will provide input into how you approach your purpose in life.

Can human design really tell me my life purpose

Spoiler Alert: Human design cannot tell you exactly what your purpose is.

However, human design focuses on the differences between people and what makes each of us unique. Your soul mission or unique calling, is the thing you’re meant to do that leverages your unique abilities and talents. Human design can give you a lot of insight into how your life purpose will unfold by helping you explore these unique gifts as well as areas that require more awareness.

In your human design life purpose reading, we’ll start with the 3 keys of human design–type/strategy, authority, and profile. These work to help answer the what, when, how, and why of taking the next most aligned action to move you forward. During the reading, our focus will be on tapping into these keys to determine what is the next thing you need to do in your journey to answer your unique calling. This discussion will center on where you are in the journey right now. We’ll also talk about how they affect your purpose and how you’ll approach your unique calling.

Your chart and authenticity

Your unique calling is something that only you can fulfill because it was designed for you. You can’t fulfill it while trying to be someone you’re not. You may also have concerns about being seen or heard and how you show up to do your life’s work. In human design, we call anything that pulls us away from who we truly are, conditioning. In a human design life purpose reading, we’ll talk about your open and defined centers and how they affect the ways that you show up. We’ll focus on areas in your life where you most feel pulled away from your core being and discuss strategies rooted in human design for returning to your center.

Self-Investment: $297

Discover. Embody. Align

With your unique truth with human design. Your human design life purpose reading includes:

Human design bodygraph by Genetic Matrix

Your human design chart

You will receive your human design bodygraph chart. This chart shows your energetic blueprint.

Cassette tape with clear body and tape pulled out the top

60-minute Zoom session

You will receive a 60-minute session with me via Zoom. We’ll talk about aspects of your design that impact your soul mission.

Chalkboard drawing of a person's head with lines coming from the mouth for speech

Session recording

Your session will be recorded so that you can review it as needed.

Row of mailboxes, one with it's red letter flag raised

30-days of email support

For 30 days from your reading, you will receive email support related to your reading. If you have a question, email me and get a reply the next business day.

I had the most amazing Human Design reading with Julian that explained me! I understand how I tick and explained more why I am the way I am. Please, if you’re looking for understanding yourself more or need an amazing life coach, please reach out to him.

– Kimberlee

Self-Investment: $297