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Answering your Unique Calling with Human Design

What if you could understand how you as a human were designed, how you were meant to operate and interact? Wouldn’t navigating life be so much easier?  Human Design is a great modality that can help us to better understand who we truly are by using our birth...

Julian talks human design as a guest on Conversations with Healers

What is inner authority in human design?

In human design we often talk about the concept of authority. Authority is used in our decision making process when we are living authentically. It works with our type’s strategy to help align our actions with divine timing. But what does it mean when someone talks...

The best human design reading for you

Getting a human design reading can be a transformational experience. Your human design really highlights a lot of the patterns that turn up in your life. You learn so much about yourself and how to really optimize how you move through the world. But how do you...