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Learn human design with this in-person workshop

Would you like to learn human design? Maybe you've heard about it and want to understand more. I'm offering a 3-hour human design workshop at the Temple of the Rebel Goddess in Dayton, Ohio. On Saturday May 7, from 2pm to 5pm we'll explore the origins of human...

In-person tarot workshops in Dayton, Ohio

I've been reading the tarot cards since my late teens. I've found tarot to be a powerful tool for creating new insights. Over the years, I've taught a handful of workshops on how to use the tarot. The court cards of each suit tend to give people a lot of difficulty...

Wild Spirit Festival

This coming September, Priest of Inanna will present Wild Spirit Festival at Wisteria event site in southeastern Ohio. Wild Spirit Festival is an outdoor camping event focused on exploring storytelling, ritual, art, and movement as tools for spiritual growth in...

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