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Human Design

Human Design, or the science of differentiation, is a system comprised of astrology, kabbalah, the chakras and the I-Ching which is used to create an energetic blueprint of your physical form and how it operates optimally. Human Design celebrates what makes you unique and special.

In human design, neutrinos carry information from their interactions with celestial bodies and imprint them upon our cells
Julian Crosson-Hill, ACC spiritual life coaching

Spiritual Life Coaching

Coaching is a creative and thought-provoking process in which we partner to maximize your personal and professional potential. Through coaching, you'll discover previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity, and leadership.

Spiritual Business Coaching

As a spiritual business owner, it is easy to become overwhelmed or unsure of the best way to move forward in a heart-centered and authentic way. Through spiritual business coaching, we'll partner to help you create the business of  YOUR dreams and find your own path to business success that nourishes your soul and the souls of your clients.

Julian Crosson-Hill, ACC spiritual business coaching
Abundantly Being - Rewrite your personal money story and develop your abundance mindset

Abundantly Being 

Abundantly Being is a coaching program that supports and teaches men and women to overcome fears around scarcity, live in sufficiency, and manifest money and abundance without taking frantic action and using force.

Tarot Reading

The tarot cards are a powerful tool for self-discovery and exploration. As archetypes, the cards often reveal the patterns that we fall into and provide glimpses into our own untapped solutions.

Tarot card reading