Discover, Embody, Align with Human Design

Discover, embody and align with your personal truth through an understanding of your unique human design.

Human design celebrates the uniqueness of you.

Human design is a system that uses astrology, kabbalah, the I-Ching, and the chakra system to help you understand the energetic blueprint of your physical form.

A central theme of human design is to break through the limitations of conditioning. Conditioning is defined as anything that pulls you away from your authentic core being. Through human design, you learn to discern what is your own energy and what is being received from the people around you.

As a result, human design is really about understanding what makes you unique and different. Once you understand what makes you unique, it's time to celebrate it, embrace it, and enjoy it. 

I use human design extensively in my work as a coach and teacher. On this page you can learn about the human design readings I offer and the workshops and learning opportunities.

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Human Design Readings

I offer 3 different styles of Human Design Readings. In each reading, we'll look at your Human Design chart together and help you not only understand your Human Design but feel how it operates and impacts you.

Human Design Foundation Reading

A Human Design Foundation Reading is designed to provide a basic understanding of your design if you are new to Human Design. This is a 30-minute reading in which you will learn about the foundational keys of your Human Design-- type/strategy, authority, and profile. 

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Human Design Life Purpose Reading

A Human Design Life Purpose Reading is designed for someone with a basic understanding of the keys of their Human Design. This 1-hour session goes into deeper detail of your Human Design and how aspects of your design impact your life purpose and how you show up in the world.

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Human Design Business Reading

A Human Design Business Reading is designed for someone already familiar with the keys of their Human Design to better understand how aspects of their Human Design impact how they operate and show up in their spiritual business. This is a 1-hour long session.

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About the Sliding Scale Option

Several of my human design readings are offered on a sliding scale option. This option is designed to allow those who cannot afford the usual rate to benefit from an understanding of their human design. The sliding scale option has a minimum price, and you can pay what you can afford between the minimum and the regular rate. I offer these on the honour system. I do not ask for any proof of income or ability to pay. I only offer 1-2 sliding scale readings per week. Using this option if you do not truly need it, prevents someone who does need it from being able to use it.

I had the most amazing Human Design reading with Julian that explained me! I understand how I tick and explained more why I am the way I am. Please, if you’re looking for understanding yourself more or need an amazing life coach, please reach out to him.

KimberLee Ryba

My HD reading from Julian was so accurate! I'm so excited to start implementing the information.

JILL Jablonski

Learning Human Design

Becoming a Human Design Coach/Consultant

Are you a coach or other spiritual business owner? Would you like to learn how to use human design in your work to benefit your clients? Or would you like to offer human design readings to your clients?

I teach a 10 week human design consultant training course in partnership with Starseed Academy Coach Training. This program is offered 1-2 times per year through Zoom. In this course, you'll learn how to read the human design chart, how the types work, the various authorities, gates, channels and variables. 

Learn more about this course or visit Starseed Academy Coach Training to get on the waitlist for the next session.

Learning More About Your Human Design

I offer human design workshops at various times both virtually and in-person. If you're interested in learning more about human design, please subscribe to my email newsletter to learn more about these workshops and be notified of new ones.