Human Design Business Reading

Learn how to leverage your unique human design to build a more successful business and show up as your best, most authentic self.

A human design business reading can help you stay authentic in your spiritual business

Human Design Can Really Help You Grow Your Business

Understanding your human design can be crucial to your business’s success. Many new entrepreneurs fall into the same traps–treating their business like the 9 to 5, overworking, dealing with overwhelm, not knowing how to get out there and be seen, comparing themselves to others, and focusing on the wrong things. As discussed in the human design foundation reading your type, strategy, authority, and profile help answer what, when, why, and how of your most aligned next action. 

Your Human Design Business Reading will go deeper. Based on where you are in your business and what your biggest challenges are, your reading may include looking at your open centers and how conditioning is impacting your business. Or it might involve looking at your defined channels for better ways to market and get your message out. The key here is that this reading will be an interactive session in which we'll partner to explore your business challenges and how you can best use your unique human design to answer them.

Human Design Can Provide Tools for Overcoming:

  • Being overwhelmed with too many things to do or learn. Often, business owners get overwhelmed because they aren't managing their energy or because they're comparing themselves to others.
  • Feeling burned out. Entrepreneurs don't also know when enough is enough. Treating your business like the 9 to 5 or jumped straight into entrepreneurship when you're burnt out from a job can be recipes for disaster.
  • Comparing yourself to everyone else. Human design celebrates your uniqueness.

Business Can Really Pull You Out of Authenticity

In human design, conditioning is anything that pulls us from our authentic core self. Business is an area where we especially experience conditioning. There are a lot of expectations for us around how we show up, who we are, and how we do things. This can create new struggles for business owners as they try to lean into their authentic selves. In the human design business reading, we’ll talk about the areas of your chart where you’ve most likely to struggle and some things you can do to stay true to your core.

My HD reading from Julian was so accurate! I'm so excited to start implementing the information.

- Jill Jablonski

Human Design Business Reading

Self-Investment: $199

Your Human Design Chart

You will receive a PDF copy of your human design chart called a bodygraph. If additional charts are used to support your reading, you will receive them as well.

1-Hour Session via Zoom

Your human design business reading will be 1-hour in length and conducted via Zoom. Your session will be recorded. You will receive a link to download the recording for your review.

30-Days of Support via Voxer

Questions may come up after your session. To address this, all of my human design readings feature 30-days of support via the free Voxer app.

About the Sliding Scale Option

I offer a sliding scale option for all of my human design readings. For a human design business reading, the sliding scale option allows you to pay as little as $120 based on what you can afford. I only offer 2 readings per week on this option. 

The sliding scale option is offered on an honour system. If you can reasonably afford the full price, please reconsider using the sliding scale option as it may prevent someone with a genuine need from being able to book a reading. 

frequently asked questions

I'm new to human design. Is a human design business reading appropriate for me?

That really depends on your needs and expectations. If you're new to human design, we won't be able to go as deep in your human design business reading because we'll need to cover the 3 basic keys of your human design first: type/strategy, authority, and profile. While these will certainly help you in business, they may not cover everything you'd like to explore about using your design in business. My recommendation would be to being with a Human Design Foundation Reading and then have a Human Design Business Reading.

Why doesn't this reading list specific elements of human design that it will cover?

This reading is similar to a coaching session. When you book a human design business reading, you'll have the opportunity to share your biggest challenges in your business. Your reading will highlight the parts of your human design that are going to be of the most help to you in overcoming your challenges. 

Where can I learn more about human design?

A great starting point is my blog post What is human design? (and why it matters).  You can go deeper with my other human design blog posts. I also have a list of my podcast episodes that discuss human design.

What kind of support do you provide after the reading?

I provide 30-days of support following your human design business reading via the free Voxer app. Voxer allows you to send a typed message or a voice message to me. I typically respond with a voice message and may include links or images to help clarify the response.

I have another question not answered here.

I'd love to answer your question for me. You can send me an email using the form on my contact page.