Human Design Foundation Reading

Discover the three keys of your human design and how to use them to create more fulfillment in life.

A human design foundation reading covers the 3 keys of human design: type/strategy, authority & profile

Answers the What, When, Why, & How of Aligned Action

A human design foundation reading gives you an understanding of the core principles of your design to answer these critical questions in the present moment:


Knowing what to do is often the biggest challenge. We'll talk about how you use your human design to answer questions like: What is the action I should take in this present moment? What action will attract the right opportunities and experiences to me?


Once you've decided on what action to take, deciding on the right timing is your next challenge. In this reading, you'll learn how to use your human design to align your actions with divine timing. When? won't be such a daunting question for you any longer.


Understanding your motivations can often make your course of action clearer. In this reading, we'll explore the parts of your human design that help you answer questions like "Why is this the right thing for me to do?"


Finally, you'll discover how your human design affects the best way for you to accomplish your goals. How should you take action? Will you work independently or with others?

The 3 Keys of Your Human Design

The 3 key elements of your design give you powerful tools for answering those questions. A foundation reading covers:


The first key to understanding your human design is your type & strategy. Type & strategy help answer the "what" for you. Using your type & strategy, what you need & want to do will become clearer.


The next key to understanding your human design is your authority. Authority addresses when the right time is to take action.  Through understanding your authority, you will know when to be spontaneous and when to spend more time making a decision.


Finally, you'll learn about your human design profile. Your profile will help you understand why and how to take action. Your profile shows you more about the lessons that you've chosen to learn in this incarnation and how you will learn them.

Your Human Design Foundation Reading

Self-investment: $79

Your Human Design Chart

With your Human Design Foundation Reading, you will receive a PDF copy of your Human Design chart called a bodygraph.

30-Minute Interactive Zoom Session

Your reading will be held over Zoom. The session will be recorded. You will receive a link to download the session for your later review.

30 Days of Voxer Support

Questions often come up after the reading. All of my Human Design readings include 30 days of support via the Voxer app.

About the Sliding Scale Option

All of my human design readings feature a sliding scale option. The sliding scale option is designed to allow those who otherwise could not afford a human design reading to pay what they can afford with a minimum amount required. I only offer 2 of these sliding scale options per week. They are offered on the honour system. I do not ask any questions about your income.

If you can reasonably afford to pay the full price, please do so. This keeps the limited sliding scale readings available for those with a genuine need.