Human Design Life Purpose Reading

Learn how your human design affects your life purpose. This reading will provide input into how you approach your purpose in life.

Human design life purpose reading

Can Human Design Really Tell Me My Life Purpose?

Spoiler Alert: Human design cannot tell you exactly what your purpose is.

However, human design focuses on the differences between people and what makes each of us unique. Your soul's mission is unique to you.  It leverages your unique talents, gifts, and abilities in such a way that really only you can fulfill it. Human design can give you a lot of insight into how your life purpose will unfold by helping you explore these unique gifts as well as areas that require more awareness.

In your human design life purpose reading, we’ll start with the 3 keys of human design–type/strategy, authority, and profile. These work to help answer the what, when, how, and why of taking the next most aligned action to move you forward. During the reading, our focus will be on tapping into these keys to determine what is the next thing you need to do in your journey to answer your unique calling.

What makes this ready different though, is that beyond the 3 keys of human design, we'll focus on where you are in your journey towards your life purpose right now. A human design life purpose reading is interactive. Based on where you are and what you desire to understand in order to move forward, your reading will explore different parts of your unique design.

Here are some of the possible elements of your design that this reading may explore:

  • Your open and defined centers and how each contributes to how you show up and how much clarity you have around your life purpose.
  • Important defined channels in your design that may provide you insights into your purpose and the best ways for you to fulfill it.
  • Gates in your design and how they might inform where you are in your journey.

Human Design Life Purpose Reading

Self Investment: $199

Your Human Design Chart

You will receive a PDF of your human design chart or bodygraph. For this type of reading, you may receive additional charts as needed.

1-Hour Session via Zoom

Your human design life purpose reading will be 1-hour long and conducted entirely over Zoom. Your session will be recorded. You will receive a link to download the recording for your own review. 

30-Days of Support via Voxer

Questions inevitably come up after the session. All of my human design readings include 30-days of support through the free Voxer app.

About the Sliding Scale Option

I offer a sliding scale option for all of my human design readings. For a human design life purpose reading, the sliding scale option allows you to pay as little as $120 based on what you can afford. I only offer 2 readings per week on this option. 

The sliding scale option is offered on an honour system. If you can reasonably afford the full price, please reconsider using the sliding scale option as it may prevent someone with a genuine need from being able to book a reading. 

frequently asked questions

I'm new to human design. Is a human design life purpose reading a good fit for me?

It really depends on what you want to get out of your reading. If you aren't already familiar with them, more time will be spent on the 3 keys of human design: type/strategy, authority and profile. While this can certainly help you gain clarity around your life purpose, it limits somewhat how deeply you can explore your design. For client brand new to human design, I recommend a Human Design Foundation Reading followed by a Human Design Life Purpose Reading as the ideal sequence. 

Why doesn't this reading describe specifically what features of human design are covered?

The goal of this reading is to meet you where you are in your journey to fulfill your soul's mission. When you book this reading, you will an opportunity to provide more information around what you are hoping to understand about your life purpose. Using this information, your reading will be tailored to the aspects of your design that will provide the most clarity to your questions around life purpose.

How can I learn more about human design?

You can start with my blog post: What is human design (and why it matters).  From there, check out all of the blog posts on human design. I also have a list of my podcast episodes that address human design.

What kind of support will you provide after the reading?

You will receive 30-days of support via the free Voxer app. This app allows you to send a question to me as a chat or voice message. I can respond with a voice message and attach any links or graphics that help clarity my answer to you. This 30 days of Voxer support are included with your reading.