Spiritual business Coaching

You're a soulpreneur--a spiritual entrepreneur in a company of one. You want to grow your spiritual business in integrity with your spiritual values, but other people keep telling you that you're doing it wrong. You need support trusting yourself to find your own unique approach. Working with a spiritual business coach is great way to move your business forward.

I help spiritual entrepreneurs trust themselves to grow their business their way.

You didn't start a spiritual business to run it like any other business or do what everyone else is doing, especially if it doesn't feel right to you. As a creative entrepreneur, you want to trust your intuition, but you have some doubts. Maybe you:

  • often feel overwhelmed with how many things you need to do or learn how to do.
  • are intimidated by the technology used in today's digital marketing.
  • are allowing perfectionism to keep you from doing things to move your spiritual business forward.
  • are undervaluing your products and services or lacking the confidence to charge fairly.
  • find marketing and sales distasteful and counter to your values and spiritual beliefs.
  • spend time comparing yourself to others.
  • you're working long hours in your spiritual business, almost like a 9 to 5 job.

Working with me, you will experience:

  • Confidence and "permission" to create your spiritual business your way and on your terms.
  • Support and accountability to grow your spiritual business and meet your personal goals.
  • A compassionate ear to listen to your struggles.
  • Someone in your corner cheering you on and celebrating your wins.
  • Spiritual business coaching that won't bankrupt your business or you.
  • Actual coaching, not a program designed to teach you a system of marketing or selling.
  • Customized and tailored coaching program that moves you towards your goals rather than a coaching program designed by a coach for the coach's benefit.
  • a spiritual business mentor who isn't here to judge but to help you fulfill your soul's purpose.

Benefits of Spiritual Business Coaching

Building a spiritual business shouldn't be the most difficult and stressful thing you've ever done. Let's get you moving forward toward your goals with ease and grace.

Tame the Overwhelm

Stop trying to do it all and find new ways to organize and trim your to-do list. 

Banish the Burnout

Running your spiritual business doesn't have to be harder than the old 9 to 5. Find ways to work smarter and protect your downtime.

Stop Fearing Technology

Find the confidence to learn the skills you need, and to let go of doing things that others think you should. 

Do Things Your Way

Using Human Design, we'll find ways for you to run your spiritual business that are aligned with who you are and your personal values.

Embrace your life experience

Discover how your own experience on a different career path have prepared you for this higher purpose. Find efficient ways to use what you know.

Let Go of Perfectionism

Perfectionism can be a powerful block to moving forward. Let go of need perfect and learn to love the process of learning & growing.

 Communicate your core message

You'll gain a deeper understanding of your core message and learn to tell the story of your own spiritual journey in a way that resonates with your ideal clients.

Feel Good Charging Fairly

Spiritual entrepreneurs often struggle with charging for their services. Overcome issues around pricing and learn to embrace a price that is fair to you and your clients.

Boost your own spiritual growth

Being a successful spiritual business owner truly requires a deeper connection with your higher power. You'll grow on your spiritual path through this process.

Is Spiritual Business Coaching Right for You?

Coaching isn't the right fit for everyone. Here are some ways that you can tell if you're ready to work with a coach:

  • You have a strong sense of your soul's purpose.
  • You're not afraid to ask for help.
  • You're not afraid to question your own higher purpose and how to meet the needs of your clients.
  • You're willing to be honest with yourself and look at what is working (and not working) on a deeper level.
  • You're ready to show up and do the work required to make changes in your business and other areas of your life.
  • You're tired of comparing yourself to other spiritual business owners or trying to run your business by other people's rules.
  • You're willing to invest in your own personal development and in your business growth.

About  Me


I'm Julian Crosson-Hill, ACC

I'm an ICF certified spiritual coach who know the struggles of running a spirituality first business. I knew some things about business, but I'd never run a spiritual business before. I had a lot of ideas of what I "should" do or "needed to do" to be a successful spiritual entrepreneur. Over time, I learned to understand my human design, embrace my authentic self and take my spiritual business to the next level.

Now, as a spiritual business coach, I help my clients overcome imposter syndrome, wave goodbye to the "should" and "have to" and connect deeply with their own truth around spiritual business. Let's connect and see if spiritual business coaching can help you. My years of experience as a leader and coach provide me with a solid foundation to guide you through building a fulfilling and profitable business.

Julian Crosson-Hill, ACC, spiritual life coach, spiritual business coach & human design specialist

Ready to get started?

Here is the step-by-step process that we'll follow:


The first step is to book a free clarity call with me. This is a virtual meeting by Zoom. We'll take about where you are, where you want to go and what's getting in your way.


If after our clarity call, life coaching feels like a good fit, the next step will be a 90-minute session focused on exploring your challenges in-depth. We'll also set some goals for our work together.


Finally, we'll have a 60-minute session either weekly or bi-weekly in which we'll work towards the goals we set together. Each session will focus on what you most want to achieve in the 60 minutes.


What can we work on?

We can work on any number of issues related to your spiritual business. Past clients have worked on using their human design to tailor how they market their business, being more confident talking about their business, being less overwhelmed with too many things to do, and handling challenges around technology. It's not unusual to also do some shadow work or explore belief systems. Ultimately, what we work on will be up to you.

Will you show me how to market or sell my products or services?

I'm not a business coach that wants you to adopt a system for your marketing. I will help you find how you would best market your spiritual business and the marketing methods that you will enjoy the most. Working with me is your permission slip to do things your way.

What is spiritual business coaching?

Spiritual business coaching is a collaborative and creative process in which the coach and the client work together to discover previously untapped potential for the client in their spiritual business. Spiritual business coaching differs from other business coaching in that it uses spiritual tools and methods. It recognizes that spiritual business owners want to do business in a way that is aligned with their spirituality and values.

What does it cost?

Spiritual business coaching shouldn't bankrupt your business. Most of my clients pay $350 to $700 per month depending on how frequently we meet.

How long will it take to see results in my business?

Ultimately, that will depend on you. However, most clients start to feel more confident and less overwhelmed with just a few sessions. Typically clients work with me for 3, 6 or 12 months depending on their needs. We'll tailor your program to what you need and what your goals are.

How will you support me outside of our sessions?

I support my clients outside of our sessions through Voxer. Voxer is a voice messaging application that allows you to send me a question or concern and I can respond with files, images, and voice messages. My clients can message me with Voxer and I will reply by the next business day (but usually I reply much sooner). 

I have another question not answered here.

It's important to me that all your questions get answered. You can book a clarity call with me to ask questions or you can email me on my contact page.