A tarot reading can be a powerful tool for self-discovery.

A tarot reading can be a useful tool for uncovering previously unrealized sources of insight and self-awareness. 

Julian Crosson-Hill, ACC, giving a tarot reading at Yellow Springs Street Fair

Get the clarity you desire through a tarot reading

While a tarot reading won't predict the future for you, it will provide you with a lot of insight into both the situation and more importantly, into your part in it. The tarot cards are often powerful reflectors of the issues we haven't resolved within ourselves or where we've allowed our own growth to become stunted.

A tarot reading with me is a little different than most readings. I'll lay out the cards like any other reader but I'm not here to give you a quick answer. For each card, I'll describe what the card represents and any intuitive insights I'm receiving. But you have work to do too. I'll ask open questions about the situation and the insights from the cards. During your reading, we'll work together to help you uncover previously unrealized insight. In this way, my tarot readings are part reading, part coaching session. 

Some questions I may ask during your reading:

  • How does the meaning of this card resonate with you? Do you see this within yourself? 
  • What could you do differently here? How do you feel it would change the situation?
  • What's making this change difficult for you?
  • How has this shown up in other areas of your life?

A tarot reading with me isn't for you, if:

  • You're looking for a quick fix or to be told what to do. 
  • You're looking for a psychic demonstration or want to "stump the psychic"
  • You want to sit in silence and not participate in the reading.
  • You want an answer to a yes/no question.


I'm Julian Crosson-Hill, ACC

I started reading the tarot cards with my first deck when I was 18. In my early twenties, I read the cards professionally. In all, I've been giving tarot readings for over 32 years. As a spiritual life coach, I use a tarot reading as a tool for my client to gain previously unrealized insight into their situation. My readings are a collaboration and a conversation. 

Julian Crosson-Hill, spiritual life coach & human design specialist

About the Sliding Scale Option

I offer a sliding scale option for those who may have difficulty affording my regular tarot reading price. This option allows you to pay what you can afford with a minimum of $45.  My sliding scale readings are offered on the honor system. Please book with the regular option is that is affordable to you. I only offer 2 sliding scale tarot readings per week. 

frequently Asked Questions

Are you psychic?

Yes. But so are you and so is everyone else. I don't read tarot to show off my psychic skills. My readings are a conversation where I'll point out the archetypes involved in your situation and ask open ended questions. The goal isn't to read your mind or wow you with predictions for the future. The goal is for you to gain some insight into how to best move forward in a way that creates the life you desire.

Can a tarot reading tell me my future?

Here's the thing about the future, we all have freewill which means we create our future moment by moment through the choices we make. A tarot reading can help explore potential futures based on the choices you may be contemplating. In this way, a tarot reading can help you clarify what you want to do.

Can a tarot reading tell me when I'll meet my soulmate?

Not really. But a tarot reading can help you uncover what you need to do to be ready when they do show up. It can also help you break through limitations that are keeping you from getting out there and meeting them.

How can a tarot reading help me?

The tarot is a powerful set of archetypes. These archetypes represent stages of psychological development, energetic approaches to life, thoughts, beliefs and blocks in a particular situation and more. A tarot reading will provide you with a great deal more clarity around your situation and how you've contributed to it.

What should I expect in a tarot reading?

At the beginning of our reading, I'll ask you about any specific questions you'd like to explore. I may even ask a few clarifying questions to make sure I understand what you want to get clarity on. I'll shuffle through the deck and cut it into 3 piles. I'll ask you to select one of them. From there, I'll lay out the cards. For each card, I'll share what the tarot card represents about your situation and ask you some questions around that. The goal is to create more awareness and open up your perceptions around the situation.

I have another question not answered here.

I'd be happy to answer any additional questions. You can use the email form on my contact page to ask them.