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4 ways to reclaim your power when people criticize your spiritual calling


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There’s something surprising that you might experience once you discover your spiritual calling. As you make changes in your life to move you towards your spiritual calling, some people around you may not support you. Worse, they may actively criticize you or say hurtful things behind your back. I call these people the “haters”.

Here’s the thing about the haters. You attract people into your orbit based on the energy that you’re embodying. As you answer your spiritual calling, your energy begins to shift. You start to develop daily spiritual practices and you begin to operate at a higher frequency energy. As you’re attracting new people to that energy, some of the existing people in your life will become uncomfortable. As a result, they may not be supportive of your spiritual calling.

If you allow them to, these people will try to drag you down to a lower frequency. You may find yourself worrying about the things they say or how they’re acting towards you. Here are 4 ways to reclaim your power when other people don’t support your spiritual calling.

Show up as your biggest, most beautiful, unique self

Don’t let the people that don’t understand your spiritual calling to steal your time and attention. Their whole purpose is to keep you showing up small. Instead, shine your light! Lean into answering your spiritual calling in the way that only you can. Human design shows us that you are the result of a once-in-a-lifetime cosmic event. Your uniqueness is what God/dess had in mind when they gave you your calling. You’re the person best suited to the job. Reclaim your power by taking back your time and attention.

It can be difficult but sometimes we have to release people who keep us small. Obviously, if they’re family we might not want to completely cut them off. Try limiting how much time you spend with them. You can also try telling them that you know their opinion on your calling and don’t wish to hear more about it.

Don’t fear showing up because the haters are watching

There’s an adage that the less someone likes you, the more they’ll be watching what you do. Don’t let that hold you back. Of course, they’ll be watching for something to disagree with or criticize. Don’t let that hold you back. Face this fear and then shine your bright, beautiful light anyway. Maybe you’ll inspire one of them. Even if you don’t, if you let the fear of them hold you back, you’re allowing them to keep you small.


Celebrating that you have haters may sound like odd advice but hear me out. The reason that people don’t support your spiritual calling is because you’ve outgrown them. That’s right, you leveled up! Take a moment to acknowledge how far you’ve come and all the wonderful ways in which you’ve grown.

Live a good life.

There’s a saying that the best revenge is to live a good life. There’s some truth to that for sure. Rather than focusing your energy on what others are saying or thinking, focus on showing up and answering your spiritual calling. You’ll find that when you do, life suddenly becomes so much sweeter. You’ll start to see more synchronicities and surprise blessings. Life will be good in so many ways. Live it and love it.

Not everyone is going to support your spiritual calling. You can decide though how to react to them. You can allow them to keep you showing up small or you can reclaim your power and move up to the next level in your life. To reclaim your power, show up as your biggest, brightest self, release the fear of those people watching you, celebrate, and enjoy life. Learn more about dealing with your haters in this episode of the Answer Your Unique Calling podcast.


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