August 25

How to feel worthy of your desires


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You’ve read The Secret. You’ve been practicing the Law of Attraction. It all makes sense to you. You create your own reality, and you can have what you desire. But you’ve noticed that when you work to manifest money, it only ever arrives just in time. It’s like you can only manifest when you’re under pressure.

You’d really like to enjoy more ease. You’re tired of the constant fire drill around manifesting the money you need. Yet, nothing seems to help you make that breakthrough.

Maybe the reason that you’re struggling to consistently manifest money with ease is that on a deep level you have doubts about whether you are worthy of your desires. Maybe on a subconscious level you believe god/dess should help others first.

Worthiness is an important aspect of manifesting money and abundance. When you don’t feel like you deserve something on one level and you’re trying to manifest it on another, you create an energetic block. Here are somethings to explore to connect you with your worthiness to have what you desire.

Human design, conditioning and worthiness

Human design is one of the tools I reach for when helping someone uncover energetic patterns under the surface. In human design, we talk about conditioning. Conditioning is anything that pulls you aways from your authentic core. You can think of it as energy, beliefs, or pattern of behaviour that you’ve picked up. They’re not your own.

In human design, worthiness is one area that people frequently experience conditioning. You might have picked up ideas about your worthiness from your parents, extended family, teachers, bosses, the media, or even your spouse or partner. You may take comments that were made and turn them into parts of your personal narrative about what you do or don’t deserve.

Another form of conditioning in human design is energetic conditioning. When you have openness in your human design chart, you take in the energy of other people. If you don’t do the work necessary to become mindful of your own energy, you can start to think that someone else’s energy is your own. As a result, you begin to operate from that energy. You might be operating from someone else’s energy of not feeling worthy.

Seeing yourself through god’s eyes

If this post is resonating with you and you know that you struggle with feeling worthy of your desires, there’s a simple exercise you can try. Try to see yourself from god’s eyes. Use your journal and start by writing down how you see yourself. Then try to put yourself in the shoes of other people. Write down how others see you. Finally, try to step into god’s perspective and write down how god sees you.

Seeing yourself from the view of god can do a lot to heal issues around worthiness. It’s hard not to feel worthy of your desires when you look at yourself from god’s point of view.

Have someone stand in the gap

Sometimes, even seeing yourself from god’s perspective isn’t enough for you to feel worthy of your desires. But if you still don’t feel worthy of your desires, you can get someone you trust to stand in the gap for you.

Standing in the gap is a particular type of prayer. The other person prays, does visualize, and works to manifest for you. They hold the highest energetic vibration for what desire for you. This way you can experience having your desires met which will often help you feel a sense of worthiness.

Feel worthy of your desires so you can manifest them

When you feel worthy of your desires, it is much easier to manifest them. As one teacher of mine once said, “Your desires, desire you”. Connecting to your inherent divine worthiness will allow you to see that more clearly. This will lead to manifesting consistently and with ease.


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