January 25

Ep. 38: Break up with your toxic career


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My 6 reasons why you should quit your job

As I've mentioned on past episodes, my human design is a manifesting generator which mainly means I tend to respond to things around me. In this episode, I was inspired by this article from the Harvard Business Review, 5 Reasons to Leave Your Job — Even in a Downturn

I totally agreed with their 5 reasons why you should quit your job but added an additional reason. I also drew examples from work that I've done with my clients and from past topics I've spoken on. It's my hope that if you're on the fence about quitting your job or finding a new career that this episode inspires you to make the jump. 

1. Toxic work environment

Personally, I think this one should be common sense but the truth is a lot of people tolerate toxic work environments. No one should every feel abused, monitored or unvalued at their job. Sadly, there a lot of toxic work environments. If you're in a toxic environment, you should quit your job and find something better and more deserving of you.

2. Your values are being violated

I've talked about the importance of your spiritual values before. Instead of viewing your values as something important, try seeing them as non-negotiables. If your job requires you to violate your deeply held values, you should quit your job and move on. 

I once worked at a role that I was very good at, but it required me to violate my values. The company I worked for had some very loose content moderation policies and a lot of really unsavory and hateful things were being allowed. We had many conversations about it in which the company committed to doing better but no actual changes ever happened. As a result, I left that role. No job or paycheck justifies allowing your values to be violated. 

3. Your skills aren't being used or developed

I had a client who worked very hard to earn both a bachelor's and a master's degree while working. She naturally wanted to use her new skills in her job but her company continued to reject her applications for other internal roles. She worked with me to figure out what she wanted in a new job and left that company.

It's not unusual for employees to find themselves in roles themselves in roles that don't challenge them. And sadly, a lot of bosses won't allow a good employee to move to a position that uses their skills better because they don't want to lose a job employee. Of course, this is the exact wrong approach and often leads to the good employee leaving for a company that will use their skills and help them develop.

If your role isn't using your skills and you're not being challenged to develop new skills, you should quit your job. This is a sign of either a fearful or lazy boss that would rather keep you where you are than train someone new or help you grow your career.

4. You aren't being given opportunities to be visible

If you're going to grow your career and be noticed for promotions, you need to work on projects that give you an opportunity to be visible to your higher ups. Unfortunately, there are a lot of bosses that don't know how to help their employees grow in their career.

If you find that you never get selected for highly visible projects or your boss takes all the credit for you work, you should quit your job. The truth is, that you won't be able to get promotions and grow your career if your boss isn't helping you develop and elevate your personal brand at work. 

5. You're burned out

If you're so tired and burned out that you dread going to work, you should quit your job. There are a lot of reasons you could be burned out. Maybe your job demands too much. Or maybe you push yourself too hard. Either way, the result is the same. Your energy is tapped and the only way to get it back is to take some extended downtime away from work. The key here is to get clear on what created the burnout. A new job with a less demanding culture may help. But if you're pushing too hard, you'll also need to address that. Either way, you'll want to rest and then move into a new job or find a new way to show up at work.

6. Your time would be better spent in your spiritual business

Spiritual entrepreneurs often ask if they should quit their jobs. The answer is complicated because quitting too early can create unnecessary pressure in your business. But one certain sign that you should quit your job is that the time you're spending at a job would create more money for you if you spent it in your business instead. If that's you, it's time to quit your job and focus on your spiritual business.

There are 6 good reasons why you should quit your job. If you're facing any of these things in your work or business, you may be ignoring them out of fear. After all, the prospect of quitting your job to change careers, find a new job, or focus on your spiritual business can be daunting. If you need some help making the decision to quit your job, my spiritual life coaching may be able to help. 

Listen to the full episode for a lot more example and how I helped other clients navigate quitting their jobs for something better. 

Episode Summary

This is your sign to align your career with your spiritual calling. Whether you're a spiritual entrepreneur or someone who’s feeling stuck and limited in your current role, it's important to understand the signs that it may be time for a change. In this episode, Julian will be sharing 6 reasons why you should ditch your unfulfilling career and what to consider when opening up to new opportunities.

If you can relate to one or more of these signs that it’s time to leave your toxic career and want support on the next steps, let’s chat.

Did this episode inspire you? I’d love to hear your thoughts ❤️ drop me a review on your favorite listening platform.

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